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PLATINUM – Dogs need meat

Dogs Need Meat

Naturally wild: why a dog needs meat

Whether you have a Jack Russell Terrier or a Golden Retriever: all dogs are the almost same when they are standing in front of their food bowl. Even if their “prey” is served to them in little pieces nowadays – their instinct is still the same. Dogs are descendants from wolves and there is still a wolf inside them.

Dogs know exactly what they want and need: it is the meat, the more natural and fresher, the better. Just as in the past, when their ancestors still roamed the forests in search of their preys.

  • With PLATINUM dogs get what the wolf inside them desires: high-quality proteins made from at least 70% fresh meat.
  • PLATINUM is therefore suitable for dogs of any age and breed.

The dog's digestive tract is designed for a carnivore. Generally, the retention time of the food in the gastrointestinal tract depends on the breakdown and the absorption of the nutrients. Therefore hard to digest food requires a longer digestive system.

Thus, in different animal species, different ratios of the length of the digestive tract to the body length can be observed. This ratio offers an indication of the dietary habits. The easiest digestible food is meat, so the ratio of the canine digestive tract length to the body length is only about 6:1.

Giving dogs a healthy diet

Giving dogs a healthy diet
PLATINUM is based on the diet of a wolf: natural combinations of ingredients that meet the needs of your dog.



Alimentery canal of the dog

Alimenary canal of the dog

Length of the alimentary canal in relation to the body

Relation of the alimentary canal in relation to the body

Carnivore    Carnivore
Herbivore    Herbivore