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Giving dogs a healthy diet

Giving dogs a healthy diet

Nature as a model: what is vital for a dog's diet

When a wolf in the wild hunts down its prey, the prey provides it with everything it needs for a diet suitable for the species: meat as well as the plants and minerals that are in the stomach of the prey. Nothing more. The food is composed in such a manner that it breaks down quickly in the wolves' stomach and can be digested very easily.

The composition of natural nutrition in animal and vegetable ingredients

Composition nutrition

Animal ingredients   Animal ingredients
Vegetable ingredients   Vegetable ingredients

Quality of raw materials and preparation are the keys

Nowadays, the “prey” of a dog is served in its bowl. At the same time, there is a huge range of so-called “complete foods”. The German Animal Feed Regulation determines their composition. It does not, however, say anything either about the quality of the ingredients or the way in which the food is prepared. Therefore you should pay close attention to these details.

Ingredients for a natural, healthy diet

Valuable proteins from fresh meats, carbohydrates that are easily digestible, essential vitamins and minerals are the basis of a healthy diet for dogs. That's what the PLATINUM recipe stands for.

The PLATINUM promise

In contrast to most other complete foods, PLATINUM does not contain the followings:

  • attractants and flavorings
  • dyes and fragrances
  • flavour enhancers
  • preservatives

Many dogs cannot cope with these undesirable food components. The consequences can be health problems that are rarely traced back to the food:

  • allergies, inexplicable itching of the coat
  • dull, lacklustre coat
  • wind, diarrhoea or constipation


The PLATINUM difference dry food

The PLATINUM difference:
dry food

PLATINUM takes a very different approach: Learn more about the differences to conventional dry food here.


The PLATINUM difference wet food

The PLATINUM difference:
wet food

PLATINUM takes a very different approach: learn more about the differences compared to traditional wet food here.