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The PLATINUM difference

The PLATINUM difference

Conventional complete dry food

With traditional complete dry dog food, the proteins usually come from a small proportion of meat meal and mainly from cereals and cereal by-products. During production, water is added and the food pulp consisting of these components is heated to a high temperature and pressed into croquettes under high pressure. Each individual croquette is coated in a layer of starch that has to be broken down first in the dog’s stomach. The residual moisture is usually about 8 %.

PLATINUM employs a very different approach

We are the only manufacturer in the world to use over 70 % fresh meat and to prove it. Ingredients that are easy to digest are added, such as Rice, maize and/or potatoe, as well as cold-pressed oils, herbs, minerals and vitamins.

On top of that, we are the only manufacturer to cook these ingredients in their own juices, without adding water, to preserve their upmost nutritional values. That’s how PLATINUM maintains its high quality.


Anything but dry

Since PLATINUM is cooked in its own meat juices and is dried at room temperature, it has a higher moisture content than traditional dry food.

With 18 % residual moisture which is purely meat juices, PLATINUM is anything but dry. That makes an important contribution to the taste experience. Our customers even say that PLATINUM is the juicy dry food.

The PLATINUM recipe

The PLATINUM recipe
70 % fresh meat, gentle cooking method, high-quality ingredients – discover the recipe and preparation method that makes PLATINUM unique.