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The PLATINUM recipe – Fresh meat. A full taste.

The PLATINUM recipe – Fresh meat. A full taste

When you are buying food for yourself, you look for quality and taste. Why don't you do the same when it comes to feeding your dog? Take a look at what people say about our dog food – and draw your own conclusions.

The PLATINUM recipe:

Only high-quality ingredients that are also appropriate for human consumption.



PLATINUM complete food is guaranteed not to contain:

  • attractants and flavorings
  • dyes and fragrances
  • flavour enhancers
  • preservatives
The PLATINUM-Recipe - Ingredients

At least 70 % fresh meat, proteins just like those found in nature. Rice and potatoe as high-quality, easily digested ingredients for the carbohydrate component. Cold-pressed oils for the optimal balance of fats, vegetables with natural anti-oxidants. Sarsaparilla root, green-lipped mussel extract and many other nourishing herbs and vitamins.


Preparation dry food

PLATINUM preparation
Learn about the unique and gentle method of preparation of our dry food.


Ingredients dry dog food

PLATINUM ingredients and their health benefits
Learn about the health benefits of ingredients used.