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The complete food for adult dogs is suitable for dogs of any age or breed, thanks to its natural, healthy composition and the ease with which it is digested. Free from undesirable additives that put strain on the body

PLATINUM MENU only contains high-quality ingredients that are also permitted for human consumption:

  • At least 83 % poultry meat, whole fresh pieces
  • Rice and potato as high-quality ingredients for the carbohydrate component
  • Vegetables with natural antioxidants
  • Oils and fats contained in fresh meat for the optimum fat balance

Soley cooked in its own meat juice, PLATINUM MENU Chicken with a humidity of only 65 % and 69.8 % in MENU Mini is the ideal food for dogs. It smells like meat and tastes like meat. Your dog will love it!

PLATINUM MENU comes in a sturdy and practical Tetra Recart® carton or in a convenient 100 gram tray. The aroma remains, from the first to the last bite.


Feeding advice and ingredients MENU Chicken

Feeding advice and ingredients
Learn more about the high-quality ingredients of PLATINUM MENU and read our feeding advice.