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PLATINUM MENU Iberico + Turkey

PLATINUM MENU Iberico+Turkey

PLATINUM MENU Iberico+Turkey only contains high-quality ingredients that are also suitable for human consumption:

  • 42 % fresh turkey meat, 35 % fresh Iberian pork meat and 6 % fresh chicken meat
  • Gluten-free
  • Potato as high-quality ingredient for the carbohydrate component
  • Vegetables with natural antioxidants

Only cooked in its own meat juice, PLATINUM MENU Iberico+Turkey with a humidity of only 69 % is the ideal food for dogs. Your dog will love it!

PLATINUM MENU comes in a sturdy and practical Tetra Recart® 375g. The aroma remains, from the first to the last bite.


Feeding advice and ingredients MENU Iberico+Turkey

Feeding advice and ingredients
Learn more about the high-quality ingredients of PLATINUM MENU Iberico + Turkey and read our feeding advice.