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The PLATINUM benefits – Wet Food

The PLATINUM benefits

A happy and healthy life

You will notice these benefits just a few weeks after you start feeding your dog with PLATINUM:

  • A happier life
    The ease of digestion takes care of this – the liver, kidneys and skin are not put under strain by ingredients that are of no benefit.
  • Greater muscle mass
    The high-quality proteins from the fresh meat / fresh fish immediately stimulate muscle building.
  • A shiny coat
    The nourishing, cold-pressed oils contained in the food and the purity of our ingredients take care of this.
  • Perfect for the metabolism
    PLATINUM MENU contains high-quality, easily digestible proteins from 83 % meat / fresh fish, which – and this is key – are not heavily denatured by heat when being prepared.

    PLATINUM MENU contains a balanced, fully digested carbohydrate, which corresponds to the composition of the feed in the wild.
  • No intolerances or allergies
    PLATINUM is digested so easily because of its natural, healthy composition that intolerance is very rare. The metabolism is not put under strain by denatured ingredients that can cause inexplicable itching or other skin problems.
  • Less “output”
    As PLATINUM food is used optimally by the body, the dog has neither wind nor diarrhoea. Even the “little presents” they leave behind are very small and firm.