OralClean+Care Forte Spray

Spray for dental care

All natural dental care in PLATINUM quality for dogs and cats.

Strong results. Easy to use.

The efficient cleaning effect of OralClean+Care is based on a special recipe of high-quality citrus seed extracts and herb oils.All ingredients are completely safe from the health point of view – even if swallowed accidentally. In terms of food regulations, they are permitted for human consumption.

  • removes tartar

  • alleviates gum inflammation

  • fights bad breath

Bottle content: Gel 120ml, Spray 65ml

Product details

  • The Clean+Care mode

    The Clean mode:
    OralClean+Care fights bacteria and cleans teeth by gradually softening tartar and dissolving it off the surface of the tooth.

    The Care mode:
    OralClean+Care protects the teeth and prevents the build-up of plaque.

    If applied correctly, this treatment is guaranteed to be a success. Just don’t forget to:

    • give the recommended dose twice a day, and
    • do not allow your pet to eat or drink shortly before and at least 10 minutes after the treatment.

    After 3 to 8 weeks, tartar is normally eliminated.* If the product is applied in time, it can even prevent tartar from forming in the first place.

    Please note:

    • OralClean+Care cannot be used to remove patches of discolouration!
    • After 1 to 2 weeks the tartar can occur swollen. This can develop from the softening and is a normal process that will form back after some days.

    *Please note that the duration of treatment can extend due to several circumstances like amount of tartar, age, breed and individual predisposition of the dog.

  • Maintenance treatment: apply twice a day
    For prevention: apply once every 2 – 3 days

    The initial treatment phase usually lasts 3 to 8 weeks*, until the tartar is removed. After that, the product needs to be applied only every 2 to 3 days to prevent tartar from reforming and to keep bad breath permanently at bay.

    For optimum effect…
    do not allow your pet to eat or drink shortly before and at least 10 minutes after the treatment. A longer exposure time up to 30 minutes intensifies the effect.

    For a successful treatment, it is essential to stick to the correct treatment regime – with the recommended dosage. Otherwise, the tartar has a chance to re-harden.

    Tip: To intensify the effect it is possible after about 2 weeks to rub the affected areas every 3 to 4 days with a gauze bandage or similar cloth.

    Application spray

    Use the spray on the outside of the teeth or directly on the affected areas. The number of sprays per application depends on the weight of the animal.

    *Please note that the duration of treatment can extend due to several circumstances like amount of tartar, age, breed and individual predisposition of the dog.

  • Water, citrus seed extracts, herb oils, alcohol


How high is the alcohol content of OralClean+Care?

The proportion of alcohol, measured against the dose per application, is so small that there is no risk to the dog or cat. As a result, the product can even be given to sick animals without any reservations. Some alcohol is necessary as it serves as the carrier for the active ingredients. However, the proportion is identical with or lower than that in liquid medication that is suitable for children.

What is the difference between OCC Classic and Salmon Oil?

OralClean+Care Salmon Oil contains additional salmon oil, has a somewhat milder taste than the Classic, and many animals prefer it.

How long does the treatment with OCC last?

The length of the treatment is determined by the following criteria, among others: breed, weight, consistency of the plaque, nature, genetic predisposition, nutrition. Specifying one period is difficult because of these numerous factors. With proper, regular application (important: 2 x daily, as otherwise the plaque hardens again), in our experience it takes 2 to 8 weeks to remove the plaque, longer in individual cases.

Will OCC react with homeopathic medicines?

Yes, since the product contains herb oils such as mint, homeopathic vets have recommended checking before using the product in conjunction with homeopathic treatments. It can happen that the effect of the homeopathic treatment is prevented.

Does PLATINUM perform animal experiments?

No, you can rely on the fact that no animal experiments are done for the product development and production of our food and care products - neither by us, nor by any other third party.

Is there any acid in OCC?

No, it only contains citrus seed extracts and herb oils. The difference lies in the effect: the oil is nourishing, prevents infection and softens the plaque in the long term. Acid would attack not only the plaque but also the teeth and dental enamel.

Should I get OCC spray or gel?

That depends entirely on you and your animal. Spray has the advantage that it can be applied more quickly and the dosage can be controlled more easily by the spray action. But not every animal likes the noise of the spray and the animal can react by shaking its head, which makes application difficult. The gel is easy to use and adheres well to the plaque. Unlike the spray, however, you have to wash your hands when you have applied it.

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